Showkey - Kway

Song Rating: 9.75/10

Song lyrics:


(Hahahahahaha)Penhouse! (We are blud clad)

Got a message for you b**h

In a foreign wit the wat?

In a foreign wit the wat?

In a foreign wit the wat?

(Verse 1: Showkey)

In a foreign wit a wesson

Ought to teach man a lesson

Them boyz, there man salty

Better mind they dont get peppered

Dont really care what you reckon

I do not care for your bredrins

Pause,(Wait), let a lil n***a die for a second

(Verse 2: Showkey)

Kinda came through the door tyou

And left wit a stoney but he didnt leave wit a rolly

Oh thats his wifey she kinda like me

But shes going home wit my homie

That n***as my goldie, yh hes my broski

Trust me things will get smokey

Claim that he own me i dont know my man

But he must know showkey


(Verse 3: Showkey)

Money march in Giuseppe

An i caught frostbite in bolensie

They say that I ball like Messi no, no no

My balls on your girl like spaghetti bro

Got a salt on your block, thats a shop for the dots

Thats a shop for the rocks wit a pop

An your wife she a fop, i dont co - op

But she aint talking no op

She aint talking no slop then I dont give a f**

She better come out of this op

My grip on the mop I dont talk to no cops

And i could never f** wit a op

(Verse 4 : Showkey)

She wants to f** wit a n***a thats 814, Im like say no more

(Say no more)

He thought he was bad so he ate that corn

Now he cant say no more


Them days it was No lay lay play play

But i aint tryna play no more


Your boyfriend cant dab like me, why do you rate him for?

Why do you rate him for, why do you rate him for yh


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