Skepta - Madness

Song Rating: 9.14/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook x2]
Im B.I.G
Man wanna screw me because I MC
If you ever saw what the skeng done to the tree
You definitely wouldnt be looking at me

[Verse 1: Skepta]
One two three four
You man better jam like a rebore
You will get left on the concrete floor
All you be hearing is ne-nor ne-nor
Its not a joke
No Eddie Murphy Raw
You mustve been smoking on that P4
Cause if you ever saw what we saw
You wouldnt look me up and down like a see-saw
Check it out Azzi
Test it out Solo
Test it out KJ
Test it out
I know its working proper now
So its not a joke when I take it out
Pull it out, shot one of my eyes and press it out
No practice
But every time I spit a verse and an ad-lib
My names on everybodys lips like ChapStick
Me, D and P stick
With the metal like a magnet its a madness

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Dubz]
If you saw what the .4 done to the car door
You wouldnt be acting hardcore, trust me
Ive got a big 45 thats rusty

I got it from my OG who loves me
I beat it at the youts that rush me
You could call me Bumpy, cause I bump Ps
And I get my knock on like rugby
And my swaggers insane, youre dusty
You lot are dutty
You dress all the same
Skepta Ed Hardy all the way
You see Dubz in Christian Audigier
Im on the block where the ballers stay
Youre at home watching p**n, youre gay
I let the champagne pour
Your gang make money but my gang make more
Thats why were on a champagne tour

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Paper Pablo]
You know I buy Glocks and I grind rocks
When Im go on street when I go inside the shops
Fresh to the feet you can see designer socks
Buy Gucci creps, these n***as buy Shocks
If this was Belly then I would be Ox
My papes long like Big H locks
Yeah you know a n***a top notch
When I drawed for the skeng sh** you went and got cops
These n***as call CrimeStoppers
No days off, we full time shotters
Im on the block like shub
That watch looks good next time Globetrotters
You know Im P.A.V
Girls wanna screw me because I make P
Shes sipping on MD plus she on an E
But me? Just Dom P, champers

[Hook x2]

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