Spice - So Mi Like It (Remix)

Song Rating: 7.73/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Spice]
Go down and a wine and a bubble an
Batty jaw just a jump this a trouble an
Mi and a man just a couple and a cuddle
Bum pon the buddy head and mi wi burst it like a bubble
And skin out mi pum, pum
Pon the buddy mi a wine and a bum, bum, bum, bum, bum
Bum, popo, bum, bum
Have mi batty just a jump and a bum, bum, bu, bum, bu, bum

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Bend over dash weh, wine pon da buddy yah
Remix a slap weh, Spice and Busta
Mi no care weh dem a chat seh mi is a pimp
p**y hustler
When yuh sit down pon the cockey fell how the supn so muscular
Yuh fi do the one drop
Muscle wine trap set yuh together
Deh pon yo head top
Shi wi get yuh popping and most of yuh n***as dead stock
Got b**hes weh dem a star, yuh got to b**h a the head lock
Listen no gyal believe Rihana no deh yah yet
Hand in a the air if yo p**y tight like mosquito net
Gyal weh mi a look, anything else is a disconnect
Bag a man fi spar wid woman deh, that look incorrect
Disrespect the set fire
Burning dem like a cigarette
Let me get back to ma b**h
Bouncing watch how she represent
Camera phones be filming look mommy, look how she finish it
We dancing like we f with a millions of views on the internet g

Yes a so mi like it
Bring yo buddy come yah meck mi ride it
Ride it like a bike it
Cock up and a sit down and a wine it x2

[Verse 2: Spice]
Move ma body like a ballerina
And shake it like a tambourine
Am wining it, am dropping it
And sink it like a submarine
Like when a man go in between
And buss it like a M16
Am just for this, I got this
Take my beat up on the magazine
Wining to the music, boys dem like the way I do this
Have my bumper jumping up and down
Look at it, buss your eyries
Busta Rhymes is on the remix
Maybe I should say a refix
sh** so hot we have to keep this
Bet yuh cant believe a me this
Wine pon the buddy and a sit down pon the beat
Pum, pum, so tight so mi man no haffi cheat
Phone tek a picture yeh a that yuh fi dweet
Tell dem gyal yah dem wine yah dem cyaa even compete
Mi a bum it and a kotch it pon the beat, mi just a drop it
How mi twerk it and a slap it pon the ground like mi a map it
How mi stuck it and a pop it, and a wine it and a lap it
Tek a picture yuh fi snap it, facebook it but crap it

[Repeat Chorus]

Date of text publication: 11.06.2021 at 16:53