Stormzy - Wicked Skengman Part 1

Song Rating: 7.68/10

Song lyrics:

Big up all the peng tings worldwide
Stormzy aka Big Mike aka nah f** that f** that let me do it properly
Alright is this me yeah? This is Stormzy aka Big Mike aka put my phone on charge so I can text your girl aka stiff chocolate

Manll rush man
Route old school like a mustang
Light skin tricks try brush man
Funny how now them girl link us man
Us man
Snakes in the gra** cant trust man
Dem man started rolling with me now look at em now you cant say I didnt buss man
I buss man I used to argue with the busman
Then watched olders try cuss man
Like I dare anyone of you touch man
Like word that can never be us man
Like word they can never scream f** man
I chase man down yeah I dup man
You love your girl but she loves man
Look, I grew you n***as
Tweaked and fixed, fine-tuned you n***as
From me man are born and drawn yeah
Myself Stormz I slew this n***as
They say Im a Youtube n***a
Thats cool, Im fine with that
But when you see me in the flesh could you give me a shout, pull me up and remind me that?
Could you please just repeat that again for me?
Dont let me forget my place
Choo say Im a Youtube n***a so
You cant just forget my face

Look, man be easy with all dat
Choo say dem guy are breezy and all that
Man wouldnt wanna see me in all black
Cah these n***as see me then fall back
Oi, DJ wheel em up
The brown skin girls wanna feel it up
Yes, nowadays Im blessed but man disrespect, mums life Ill beat em up
mount of peng tings dat I freed up
mount of peng tings dat I freed up
My enemies cant get me
I told my pagans try teaming up
Try to work as a team
Dem boy theyre not murdering me
Heard the other day I got russled and robbed
Never ever listen to the word on the street
Still nice with the strap sh**
Still calm up in that strip man I just love when a pack slips
They see me drive past in my black whip
Haters are like look at that black prick
Ah, whos really been ahd?
No wait whos really in charge?
Man these n***as so fake Id rather roll with ninny and shan
Same black boy with a million bars but Id rather k** em with eight
Calm down please dont step out of line
Cah most of my n***as aint chained
So you still get caught for that bad talk
Still get caught in a gang war
Hes shottin on the sly cause it aint gonna slide cause most of these cats talk
What are man for
I get the ting done like a crash course
Suttin that I done mans laughter
Look, Im such a pagan I f** mans girl then I spud man after
Like, yo my brudda, long time my brudda....

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 07:25