Swami - Bulma

Song Rating: 7.42/10

Song lyrics:


Smokin on this loud
f**in on a foreign b**h
Meet me at the f**ing top
If you make it there u b**h

Made a promise to myself
Me my n***as gon be rich
I dont go back on word
n***a that is hoe sh**


Ask me for a feature one more time
Ask me one more time
Ion f** w n***as
So stop wasting $wami time

Boutta smoke a blunt of purp
Cuz it elevate my mind

Make a MF blind
If he try to steal my shine

If you pa** a swisher sweet
I aint f**ing witchu B

Only smoke backwoods
Doctor recommend leafs

Me my n***as floating high
We will never taste defeat

But we smoke hella Ls
So ironic aint it B

20 hoes on my belt
Think its cuz its LV

Hoes just in it for the cash
Im just here so I can skeet

I done hit the p**y twice
Going for a three peat

Cuz my momma told
Boy you better finish all ya meat

So Im squashing all the beef
n***as on my TL
Talking hella f**ing crazy
Boutta send his a** to hell

Semi weapons at ya hip
Thats ya gurl?
Im in her clit
Freaky b**h w blue hair
I just her bulma b**h

God damn a n***a lit
Im just tryna live a bit

Soflo MF
Guaranteed to turn up sh**

Pop another acid tab

I aint f**ing wit you crabs
Tryna f** a n***as trip
Then Id spirit bomb ya a**

b**h Im flying first cla**
Smoking grade A gas

Sour diesel by the tank
And it smell like stank a**

Puff puff
Never pa**

Boutta take another dab
Please dont ask to take a hit
Cuz then Ill have to smack ya a**

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 17:37