The HeeBeeGeeBees - (Dancing) Up The Wall by Jack Michaelson

Song Rating: 8.14/10

Song lyrics:

I cant see no point in dancing any more
My thing (oh my thing)
I cant get my funky thing off the disco floor

I keep a chart position
Singing Hep down boogie cow
But Ill get a heart condition
I mean I can hardly breathe right now.

All this dancins makin me hiccup
(hup hup hup)
Does this dancin make ne nauseous?
Yup, sure does

Shake my boogie rhythm
Strut my funky thing
Ride my shaky boogie
Wait a sec... This dont mean a thing

(Get up geddown)
(Get up geddown get up)
(Get up geddown)
Which one?
(Get up)

(And get down)
D - A - N - C - I - N - G
(Gee this boy can spell)
G - N - I - C - N - A - D
(Back to front as well)
Hey Im not feeling all that well

Girl this lousy feeling (feeling)
It whirls me round and round (round and round and round)
Im dancing cross the ceiling (ceiling)
Think Im gonna throw up
(Look now hes gonna throw up)
Upside down
(Better get down)

Dancing (Dancing)
I cant see no point in dancin any more
(Hep down boogie cow dance with your Daddy no)
Surely (Surely)
Surely by now I got my thing down to the floor
(Sugar n spice n everthing nice)
Dancing (Dancing)
All this goddamn disco dancins such a bore
(Gotta get next to you)
Really (Really) Really (Really)
Do I really have to do this any more?
(Keep on doin what ya doin)

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