The X-Ecutioners - XL

Song Rating: 9.74/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah.. yeah..
Ladies and gentlemen ..may I present
May I introduce..
Four of New Yorks finest..
Give it up for the X-Ecutioners!

[Large Professor]
Im like a country wild western, rhyme style murderer
X-Ecutioners, cuttin things you never heard of
Flip new beats, never once flipped a burger
But I flame-broil, and still remain loyal
On the hip-hop throne, and most kings I been doin it
Rock, Rob, Joe, and Big E is one unit
Supreme force, ever since Main Source, my n***a
Shoulda had yo a** drunk like liqour, in a stuper
Got to stay super, with the Cash Flow
Never bashful, heres what you asked fo
The best DJs in the world today
Cuttin up Rock the Bells LL Cool J
And many more, Robbie Swift and he raw
Roc Raida, number one chop innovator
Total Eclipse, man you know that he flips
And he diminished the, record like my man Joe Sinister
Imma lay back and watch em bless the track
For the hip-hop world, cuz these brothers dont slack
They always comin with the up-to-par
You can call X-Ecutioners the best by far...

Knowhatmsayin? Yeah..
Knowhatmsayin? Word up..

[Large Professor]
Yo, I take you back to the cave man era
Survival and how to live, on ways I get better
Im too deep to peek, rock n***as to sleep
Im like a four star general, out in the street
Keep my business low, represent Cash Flow
Bustin loose like Chuck Brown to get that dough
Most of yall could tell, I come from the ghetto
Eight blocks from flushin metal where my family settle
Got Chinese, Korean, Asian
Used to link up with Nas, from Corntop Choice, for female persuasion
Bustin off in the park, that was in the dark
Im real not fake so please dont pretend to part
Im lettin it start, the glamour the bucks
Gotta get mine, cuz beef got stamina and guts
Plus the phat beat, plus the rhyme plus the cuts

[Cutting up cut in background]

[Large P talking]
Yeah, X-Ecutioners rockin the track
Comin through with the hefty scratch
Cuts galore..
Boardin back and forth.. all over the world
Tri-state, every five borough
Word up, these brothers been doin this for a minute
Man, gettin busy man, just.. cuttin em up man
Choppin em, slicin em
Thats the original essence of hip-hop, knowhatmsayin
Just n***as just gettin busy and sh**
Two turntables thats how it started
Two turntables and a microphone
X-Ecutioners, keepin the foundation strong...

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 07:28