Thisl - Chicago - Detroit

Song Rating: 7.39/10

Song lyrics:

They say my neighborhood is a jungle

I jumped off the porch early, Nike Airs
Life can be a monster but hey lifes fast
I seen my cousin take a bullet right there
Blood on the ground, body chalked out right there
The Middle East, they in a holy war
Granny rubbed me down with the holy oil
Before I walked up out the front door
Thirteen years old she know her boy ‘bout to go to war
Where Im from boy they die young
They take that pack money and they buy guns
My cousin told me boy you better buy one
They arm full of tax but these young boys bear arms

Its easier to get a gun than it is a job
He just had another son so now heres the plot
He walked up out the crib its like twelve oclock
His baby mama all up in his ear now he going to rob
That choppa with him longer than a city block
He make you put them hands up like its twelve oclock
That choppa get to going you gon wish it stop
Like yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yaa
Who gon call the cops?
Everybody heads down the whole city broke
They filing bankrupt, the whole city owe
Taking buildings everywhere, where did the city go?
Kwame Kilpatrick left and took the whole city home

They say my neighborhood is a jungle

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 07:35