Trouble - Mob sh**

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Song lyrics:

[Intro-Bigga Rankin]
(Real n***a radio)
A lot of n***as count the days they been locked up my n***a
Why dont n***as just count the days they been free
(DJ Technikz, mixtape mastermind)

[Intro 2-Big Bank Black]
Yuh, Duct Tape Mob sh** n***a
Yall f** n***as fell the pressure we applying n***a
Dont get it twisted n***a
Trouble home n***a
431 Days free to be exact n***a
Nah mean?
I picked lil bro up in the armored truck
He told me the first day, the first--soon as the n***a opened the door guess what he say?
Big bro Im bout to go hard on these n***as
Aint taking these motherf**ing boots off n***a
Til we go get that boat, with AJs name on the side n***a (Rest in Peace AJ)
He say he got me n***a
And I feel the motherf**ing pain n***a
Yall f** n***as see what it is n***a
Yall see we strong out in these streets
A n***a aint playing n***a
We 180th-Seminole, and shootouts n***a
We beatin these n***a a**
Taking these n***a hoes
Yall f** n***as know what it is n***a, mob sh**

[Verse 1-Trouble]
Eh huh, think its a game if you want to
I recognize a lot of n***as keep guns on they side, but I know that they wont shoot
I kept my prison boots on for a reason (chain gang), Imma stay in combat mode
You can call me Rambo, ammo unlimited man, Imma really get to k**ing sh**
A n***a keep turning they back like they dont see this sh**
Its like they smokin all the weed but dont even hit
They never in the streets but always talkin bout they thuggin
I grab the cannon and I really get to bustin b**h
Gorilla Zoe know how I roll when I shot up his sh**
Who goin be next, Jeezy wanna make the list? (Jeezy?)
I get to pissin on you pussies just for overlooking
And faking it when you know a n***a shakin sh**
Im from the city, you aint seen, you dont know what I mean
Them n***as shoot your whole face off, Face/Off
I gave Black the word n***a, Imma take off
Me and [?] on the pill, posted on the hill
Just in case you dont, I bet you goin know what it is
When I step up in this game
Trouble, Trouble, remember the name p**y

[Interlude-Big Bank Black]
See what Im talkin bout?
Young n***a spittin flames man
Aint no mercy on you n***as man
(f** yall n***as)

Young n***a got that sh** cross his neck cause he mean it, man
(No mercy n***a)
Real mob sh**, ya nahmean
We goin but the house on these n***as man
Were applying pressure this year n***a
2012 and beyond we on this sh**
(We want it)
Its time for yall f** n***as to go, n***a
(b**h I want it)
Get your pa**port n***a
f** out the country n***a
We run this sh**
Mob sh**, FSC n***a

[Verse 2-Trouble]
Did you think it was a game?
When Alley told you p**y n***as that we want in
I hope not, why not? Cause I wont bend
But you will get k**ed, amen
Now thats word to [?] smokin bogies
Aimin for dissin like Im Kobe, so act like you know me
General [?] a n***a 90
My body is takin over by liquor
Picture me callin out shots, Pop! Pop!
Body drop, while I [?] the top
With the Godfather and mob brothers
f** sh** Crew is what I represent, too
I send ya a middle finger, p**y f** you
b**h play crazy, but least she gettin f**ed too
No mercy at all
p**y we want it all
I am, Ken Nugent, one call, thats all it takes to get you

[Outro-Big Bank Black]
I told yall n***as
(I told yall f** n***as), nahmean?
We goin let the talent speak for itself my n***a
(Turn up lil bruh)
At the end of the day its f** any n***a that aint with this sh** (f** em)
We goin draw the line in the sand n***a (We over here)
Its us against the world n***a
(Yall know that)
Its f** everything else n***a (f** that sh**)
Its Duct Tape or nothing n***a (hahaha)
f** sh** Crew n***a
When you see us outside we moving our body movement n***a
([??] n***a)
n***a we movin our body temperature n***a
This sh** too hot, we gettin at ya a** n***a (hahaha)
Cool ya off n***a (hahaha)
Real sh**

[Malcolm X]
No, I dont worry. I tell you, I am a man who believed that I died 20 years ago, and I live like a man who is dead already. I have no fear, whatsoever, of anybody or anything.

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