TV Girl - The blonde

Song Rating: 7.31/10

Song lyrics:

Whos gonna pay attention
To the redheads of the world
Whos gonna call them up at night
When theyre naked and alone

Whos gonna kiss the brown haired girls
Whos gonna wipe away their tears
And what about the black haired girls
Whos gonna whisper filthy things into their ears

Cause anyone who ever had a brain
Wouldnt stand out in the rain
Or keep it up for very long
Just to prove somebody wrong

And anyone who ever had a heart
Or sang a lonesome song
Would sell their little souls
Just to make it with the blonde

Its just unearned admiration
Are you sick of all the stares
You dont need to hide yourself away
You only need to dye your hair

But it wont do you any good
Cause pretty soon your roots will be showing
And anytime you try to leave the room
Theyll ask you just where the hell
Do you think youre going

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 18:13