VI Seconds - #Yeet Vine Freestyle

Song Rating: 8.80/10

Song lyrics:


Yo, so what you want from me, n***a?
Steady chatting from the back
Never talk to me, n***a
From the moment I walking
Youve been hawking me, n***a
If I get to spasm, it be chalkin you, n***a
Enter the contest, Imma walking with hate
‘cause I came for a conquest
Not to talk and debate
Put the cup in a coffin, spat bars till Im coughing
Now these n***as is talking, Im the rawest to date
Been getting some shine from Jack the Thriller
sh**tin on these fellas
‘cause none of these kats are iller
Youve bananas as well
Im silverback gorilla
Imma let you clean up
Now Im back to letter
Been walking through my city
Getting chased by fans
n***as dissing for my bust, try to shake my hand
When I see them in person, boy I be damned
‘cause Im a five-star n***a
Like Raw Van Dam
Flyer [?] , Im on some sh**
Better yet, some awesome sh**
In my life I saw some sh**
Definitely made me [?] and sh**
So strong, a swing of my hand
Blows back three rows
Ill get spade through the heart
And come back before D. Rose

See Im nothing less than extravagant
This is light work, boy
You aint see the half of sixx
You aint seen the half of it
Listen up and get it through
I off more wigs
Than RuPauls dressing room
When it comes to this raw sh**
I doubt that you find it enough of
Nothing but disrespectful
n***a Ill [?] your mother
The coldest Brooklyn knight
Setting you and your horde aside
Open you in seven seconds
They ask, “I did it for the vine”
Loaded like Lux
The only discussed
Who flows be deluxed
That show hes discussed
In holding my nuts
Blowing my nuts
HD in the face
Thats the closest of ups
Think you can stomach my sh**?
Youll leave holding your guts
I got the coldest touch
Mixed with hottest speech
Before you approach this battle
I suggest you cop a plea
Youre not a me
Nor could you aspire
So that dream you should retire
Before I cause your expire
Teeth so white, they cant dance
Window so black, they cant swam
Your braud got a grip in my pants
Cause she saw me hit that Yeet, thats it

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 05:03