Y.D - Pull Up

Song Rating: 7.81/10

Song lyrics:

Pull up with a hunnit n***as
Smelling like a lot of weed
Pocket full of hunnit beans
We them n***as on the scene
We been them n***as with hunnit n***as
Smelling like a lot of weed
Pocket full of hunnit beans
We them n***as on the scene
We been them n***as

[Verse 1: Jim Jones]
Still running around like a hunnit deep
f** you think, aint nothing sweet
Might fly to your town, then fly n***as down, then come to your block like a hunnit deep
All black truck, guns in the jeep
Loft Miami straight from the beach
Might ? liquor, get something to eat
A n***a do trip, give him something to keep
New York n***a dont play that
2 door with the seat way back (Facts)
n***a due owed better pay that
These n***as right here want pay back
When I had the braids going straight back
I was straight gang banging like A wack
Now my wrist all rocky like A$AP
You about that life then say that
Shouts to my n***as in Ksack
Some come home, n***a some go straight back
My n***a side ? did 8, came home n***a like Yo where the cake at?
n***as wanna trip, then we hit em with the clip, and we shoot a n***a up like take that, take that, take that
Like Diddy voice in 94 we ?


[Verse 2]
A hunnit deep looking like a stampede
Who you muggin n***a? You dont do a damn thing
Touch one n***a get your whole head knocked off
Big blunt got me smelling like hot sauce
Pocket full of money I feel like a teller
Slide in a b**h Im stepping on Marcellos
Step on a scene got these n***as all jealous

Whole team fresh like a pack of gum
Hunnit n***as yes thats a hunnit guns
A hunnit funerals, thats a hunnit nuns
Touch Capo get a shot to the head
Touch ? Feel your a** up with lead
Touch Greezy well leave your a** sleep
Yeah we them n***as thats up on the scene
Got n***as watching you, watching with beams
Vamp life, all you f** n***as in dreams
Freddy on the beat Im a nightmare n***a
A hunnit deep so dont fight that n***a
If I dont got my gun, got my knife here n***a
So dont f** around, lose your life here n***a
Up in the club we mobbin with Zoes
Miami vamps you know how it goes
Fresh as f** we bring the cameras out


[Verse 3]
These n***as be fraudulent and these b**hes be faking
All my n***as not cases, but never made no statements
I dropped out of them bandos
I kept me some montaga
When the night fall I switch cars, my garage look like acres
I feel like Floyd when he in the ring
Made a quarter mill with the Billie Jean
Big 45 with the limousine
Turn a n***a beef into chili cheese
Keep my lungs full of collard greens
But we on though by any means
I need sprite and a pint of lean
All broads get the Jimmy Dean
Hit the block with a Glock, its a rock, watch the ball like Im in the league
Its a blackout
When Im booked for a show its a packed house
I live that sh** yall rap bout
Get a bad b**h blow her back out
You know a n***a bringing them stacks out
Straight to the studio from the trap house
Got my first rap check blew it all on a chain
Thats 20k on a n***a neck now


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 05:36