Young Zee - Money, Money, Money

Song Rating: 8.62/10

Song lyrics:

Im Az-Izz, yall cant stop me
Make a G a day sellin stolen drop threes
Aint nuttin funny, run up on you when its sunny
Pump two in your tummy, all for the money
When I coped the five, with the Batman eyes
You could ride, but first hustlin ?Q-4-5s?

[Young Zee]
Yeah, yeah
n***as live for it, n***as die for it
End up on the run, with thirty-five warrants
Ya boy will getchoo shot withcha gun
Leave you layin there screamin at the top of your lungs
Zee rob white guys with nice lives
Im tight cocked, only mess with girls that got five jobs
Do crack witchoo, sit around and they laugh
Those same n***as get you for a pound and a half
Beef start, better keep the spark
Cuz a fool and his money will soon depart

Chorus: Zee (Outsidaz)

Im tryin to keep money (Keep money, money, money)
Deep money (Deep money, money, money)
Weed money (Weed money, money, money)
Leave my seed money (Seed money, money, money)
I need trick money (Trick money, money, money)
Quick money (Quick money, money, money)
Get me real rich money (Rich money, money, money)
I need... (Money, money, money)
I need... (Money, money, money)

[Yah Yah]
You on the frozen budget, Im holdin dutches
Anything I wanna do, I goes and does it
Ima shine like a pile of golden nuggets
Catch me in GQ posin rugged
Nasty fellow, pick my nose in public
Wipe the snot on my clothes, shockin the hoes
Chillin with Chris, smokin pot in the Rolls

For the love of money, Ima stay down
Trade pounds, and jail bound
Bringin d** on the Greyhound

Yo yo
Aiyyo, Denzy, Benz Jeep, ten freaks behind me
(I like) M-Ps and rhymin
(I like) M3s and diamonds
(I just) empty the nine if you attemptin to rob em
Start wilin, gettin money from bricks from Long Island, uhh
Give me that paper dogg, I gotta have it
White ?liver? pockets so money is automatic
We done bought the carrots
And you still lookin sorta savage
Theres a whole lotta money out there, you oughtta grab it


My creation is free basin, replaced em
Wont see DU on VH1, yous a wannabe DJ Run
We lace blunts, peer pressure
At least take some, he play dumb
Always and forever heat wavin
Put a mask on yall meet Jason
This paper need chasin
Roll with teenagers, smokin green acres
Smell that free fragrance, thats bomb weed baby

Keep your raps up, youll be the king
Shoutin Cant nobody do me a thing
With mad j**elry to bling
Sittin chunky, then dip this honey
Pushin Excursions and Suburbans, gettin money
If these fake players and playarettes
They get me major vexed
I wave a tech, have em comin out they Avirex
So your ?willie pad? is gettin recalled
Ima teach all yall to speed ball

Chorus x2 with some variations

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