YZ - Cold Case Love

Song Rating: 9.10/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1:]
On my roof
Dark and Im burning a rose
I dont need proof
Im torn apart & you know
What you did to me was a crime
Cold Case Love
And I let you reach me one more time
But thats enough

Your love was breaking the law
But I needed a witness
So wake me up when its over
It dont make any difference
Will it ever be solved
Or am I taking the fall
Truth was there all along
Tell me how did we miss it

We opened up a cold case love
And it got the best of us
And now prints, pictures & white outlines
Are all thats left at the scene of a crime

Of a cold case love

[Verse 2:]
Shouldve investigated
But love blinded eyes
Couldnt see (no)
And then I tried to cage it
But your love aint the kind you can keep
Release me now cause I did my time
Of this cold case love
My hearts no longer cold & confined
Ive had enough



We lost our way
Took this too far
Now Ill never find the pieces of my heart
Weve lost enough
Looking for a truth
That was here all along


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 15:40